Flo Westbrook | Filmic & Atmospheric

Behind the lens

I'm Flo. Born in Alsace, France, brought up in French Guiana (French Department in South America) & now living in the beautiful South of England.

Photography has been in my life since I was 6. But it changed from being a hobby to becoming a healing tool when I, once upon a time, went through a painful divorce which left me lifeless in every area. I'm so grateful to be in a place where I can say that my life has completely turned around and that heartbreak is a long distant memory. Self-photography is very close to my heart as it was a major tool on my journey to learning to love myself. I am passionate about photographing women who struggle loving their bodies so that through photography, they can start seeing how truly beautiful they are and realise that real beauty goes way beyond what the eye can see. I am totally and completely redeemed by God’s grace. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t because of Him! I am a coffee lover. Nespresso is my fav! Strong expresso. Sometimes cappuccinos with, of course, chocolate sprinkles on top! I love adventures. I am very romantic. Not massively cheesy although a little bit of that doesn’t hurt! I believe in second chances, restoration and genuine heart change. Also, I love food! I am French after all! I tend to "click" a huge amount with the people I photograph and have gained the most incredible real life friends through photography! 

I am passionate about capturing raw emotions and the stories of those I photograph. There's something pretty magical about the power of photography and the way it reminds us of all the things that we so easily forget as we walk through life. 

If you're thinking of asking me to photograph you and/or your loved ones, let's meet up and see if we "click". 

If you have been in a relationship or married for longer than just a minute and you love adventures, let's go to a special location together! There's nothing more beautiful than doing a "Togetherness" session and seeing couples connecting with each other in the most beautiful ways, without any distractions at all. 

There's also something incredibly powerful about seeing women being set free from the lies that they have believed in for far too long! That's why my "Love Yourself" sessions are so close to my heart. If you struggle with loving yourself, your body and the woman that you are today, let's meet up. I so want to hear your story... and would be honoured to photograph when you are ready. 

With so much love & hope, because there's always hope!

Flo x