Every year around February/March time, I revisit my favourite sets from the year before and choose to re-colour-grade the photographs I love the most from the set. I wish I had time to do that to every single set but it just isn't physically possible unless I take a year off work - which, although very tempting, is not realistically possible! 

Photographers, just like any other creative, grow and continually improve in their craft. This is such a huge part of my life leaving a little bitter-sweet taste in my mouth every time I look back on my past work thinking: 'I so wish I knew back then what I know now". But isn't that true for everyone? Isn't that true in life in general? I have chosen to be grateful for the growth journey and keep on embracing the new lessons ahead. And always have fun blitzing photographs from past sets when I can. 

I intentionally cropped the photographs below in a square format because I felt it brought the best of it giving it a polaroid feel. I wouldn't normally deliver them to my clients this way - unless they give me full permission to go crazy in my creativity cyclone! (I think most artists would agree with that analogy!)

Victoria & Tom. I really, really, really love this couple. They both were an absolute joy to photograph! I enjoyed spending time with them - outside of just photographing them - in London whilst they were engaged. They are beautiful souls and their love for one another is so precious! Needless to say that it was even more special to capture their wedding which was absolutely magical! 

I'm so happy to be able to share these photographs with you - finally!! I will be sharing their wedding very soon as well! Weddings take a long while to blog hence why it takes as long as it does! 

Enjoy this beautiful couple and their precious love for each other. 

Until next time, 

Flora x