GOOD NEWS! The Silent Scream book is on bookshelves in bookshops! 

Feeling proud of all involved in bringing The Silent Scream Anthology to fruition.

The Silent Scream Anthology is a collection of raw, honest and powerful memoirs, anecdotes, poems and artworks about a variety of mental heath topics including: childhood sexual abuse, eating disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, self harm, rape, parenting difficulties and generally not feeling good enough in a society demanding perfection.

As collaborators we make our mess our message: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Like one candle lighting another our stories spread hope.

Links for online purchase below 👇🏻 OR GO INTO Waterstones and find it on the shelves.

Waterstones hardback…/michelle-catana…/9781916341609

Waterstones paperback…/t…/maria-alfieri/9781916341616

Foyles Hardback…/the-silent-scream-an-anthology-o…


Maria Alfieri, Author.