The Silent Scream isn't an ordinary book. It is a book full of real life stories told by unique & beautiful people who have overcome - what seems to many - the impossible. It is also arty and poetic. Many photographers and artists have their work published in her book - mine included. Thank you Maria for the honour and privilege! 

Maria Alfieri, the author, has given the platform for many to have their voices heard. You can find my story about "self-portraits" in it too. The way Maria writes is extraordinary, sharing her heart with - what I can only describe as - very raw vulnerability telling her most painful and darkest time all that whilst singing beautiful poetry to your heart. 

The Silent Scream book is now available for purchase at WATERSTONES & AMAZON. For more info, here is the blog that Maria herself wrote: A. TIME FOR SELF-REFLECTION. You can also visit her website: MARIA ALFIERI.