This post is not like any others.

I'd like to introduce you to a beautiful, creative and full of faith project that I have totally and completely fallen in love with. A collection that is worth backing up, sharing and supporting in every way. 

Please, click on here: & also on here: 

Take the time you need to watch & read Esther's beautiful story, work and creations. Her heart is one of a kind and the way she has brought to life this art work is just mind-blowing. She's so gifted and talented. Determined and dreams big! 

I have photographed a few glimpses of the stunning "Her Field Notes /She finds freedom" workbook. I have decided to grade them B&W to honour the beautiful black & white photography work published in the book. 

I'd like to add that I have never ever come across anything like this before. It's fresh, unique, thoughtful, detailed, minimalistic with a whole massive lot of art work! Something that we so desperately need. Something that I am so looking forward to adding to my everyday time out in my secret place with God. 

It would mean the world if you'd take a few minutes to make this beautiful project known by sharing it with others... and if you find it in your heart too, please, back up this stunning project financially too. 


Flo x