Dani introduced me to this beautiful couple. She's an incredible artist photographer. I don't say this lightly! I really am a massive fan of her work. Find her on Instagram: Dani Buckle and here's her gorgeous website: Dani Photography. You'll truly love what she does! She's been an inspiration to me and even through we don't live in the same country, she pushes me forward more than she could ever possibly know. I really wanted to honour her on here because it's rather rare to find creatives who don't live with a competition mentality. Yes and amen to all those who are secure enough to share their creativity "hows and whys" with others... and even  share clients! 

That's real honour in action.

I am so grateful to her for having been this connection between us all and out of it has began a beautiful friendship. Sam and Emily are such a beautiful and special couple. With so much to offer, full of hope and big dreams. I know that they will accomplish amazing things together. My heart is bursting with joy for them both as they are getting ready to wed next month! I have the honour of capturing their precious day so stay tuned to see more of them on here. 

Much love to you all, 


From Emily: 

He is my first ever kiss, and I am his. 

We met at a friends party initially and later felt more of a connection through church. We were close friends for a year before becoming a couple and this has been the most important thing. After now almost five years of growing up together we are finally getting married. We are very passionate about contributing something to the world. Sam is passionate about youth work studies and I am also an aspring photographer/ documentary filmmaker. Social change is at the top of our agenda together .

Sam always reminds me "We are gonna change the world, remember?"