I'm back with a rather unusual post. I hope that's ok with you guys. I'm a photographer but before anything else, I'm a woman, a wife, a mum. And I love sharing the things that I really love... that includes makeup, beauty products and food! So, don't be surprised if I occasionally hop on here to share things like these with you. 

Let's start by being honest. I didn't used to care that much about the stuff that are inside my beauty products. That includes my skin care regime too. I think becoming a mum and becoming more and more aware of how precious life is as the years go past, have given me a wake up call about it all. And so, I started making different choices when it comes to choosing healthier, better and "free from" products for my family and I. 

I received my beauty box from this really awesome company that I have come to absolutely love. Not only I am impressed by the purity of their products but I am also delighted in the fact that there are really really really good and work! Please, check out their website: Procoal | Natural & Vegan

I've decided to photograph and share with you my favourite of their products so far... and explain why! 

Here's their purifying charcoal shampoo bar which is compact, eco-friendly and 100% Vegan. It's also handmade. It is highly-concentrated and enriched with powerful natural botanical extracts and essential oils. One single bar can do the job of three 250g bottles of traditional liquid shampoo. I tried a few shampoo bars before, made by other companies, and I've got to say that I really wasn't impressed. I didn't carry on with them because although they were washing my hair well at first, it made my hair very dry and at the end of the day, very greasy. I didn't like it. I thought I'd go ahead and try these anyways... and I was very happily surprised. They made my hair shiny without drying it out and without having to deal with greasy hair by the end of the day! I've only just tried this one which I have fallen in love with but.........

...... I cannot wait to try this one below too! Calum, my 12 year old, is holding the pink shampoo bar with me! He loves the products so much too, he wanted to be a part of the shoot! 

My next fav is this beauty! The activated charcoal teeth whitening powder! I've only just been using it for over a week but I can already start to see a difference! It's so much fun brushing your teeth with it too... all black! My son LOVES it! I cannot recommend this enough!

This is an incredible natural deodorant! Again, I ordered a few of these natural deodorants before and didn't like them at all. I was so disappointed. They weren't cheap either and just didn't work on me! I've been looking for a selection of different natural products that actually do last and work and apart from the Forever Living Products one, I had no luck until I came across this one! Not only it smells gorgeous, it lasts! I'm going to stick with this one for sure! Also, it's super affordable and will last you for ages! 

Ok... this is something that I have been addicted to using! Their amazing scrub leave my skin so soft and clean!!! I love love love it! 

This is a fabulous face mask. I can tell that it gets into my skin very quickly doing what's it's meant to be doing very well. I feel so fresh every single time! I've been pampering myself a lot since receiving this awesome box! Feels like I have been at a spa! 

I've just started using this babies here too! My teeth love them... I've got sensitive teeth and I have had no problem at all using them! They are 100% enamel-safe! I will be back with the full on review when I've finished using them all but honestly, they are awesome AND they also are formulated by British Dentists in the UK! 

I also used this fantastic face mask too! I've got very oily skin and prone to acne! It is the perfect mask for me and I shall buy more very soon! There was also the Marine mask, which you will see at the end of the blog, that was incredible! These are all free from Parabens, SLS, mineral oils & paraffin! What else could I possibly want?! 

And last but NOT least: This incredible peel away foot massage! EVERYONE should be getting it! It works! It's leaves your feet looking amazing! Removing all the dead skin cells, calluses and flaking patches in 4-7 days! 

The box is absolutely beautiful! Super professional and soft to the touch in a gorgeous matte back colour! I even received a gold card program! Super special! Procoal definitely knows how to look after their own! 

I shall be back soon again with more of their beautiful products... because sharing is love! 

Take care... see you next time!

Flo xo