"I am sorry but you will never conceive again. It's a mess." Feb 2013, words spoken by the specialist & surgeon after my first surgery. I didn't know it then, but I would have 3 more surgeries over the next 5 years. 

Our baby girl is a miracle. I have had to overcome a few health challenges over the past years (chronic pneumonia, blood clot in the lung...) but I will say that being diagnosed with severe endometriosis was the hardest one. 

It has been quite a journey. I have wept. A lot. At times, I felt discouraged. But I also chose to live a life of complete surrender daily and with that, joy was deep rooted in my heart regardless of the challenging days. I chose to be filled with gratitude for the things that I was blessed with instead of focusing on the things that weren't here yet. To be content but not stagnant. To be thankful whilst dreaming big and very often, dreaming about the impossible. A lesson for every area of life, I think. 

If I could share in one sentence what I have learned from all of this is: "Faith brings you to a place of believing and speaking the unseen into reality." Something that I did when I came back from Bogota in early February this year. I believed. Faith is crazy to the human mind. It offends the mind to reveal the heart, as my husband so often says. How true. 

I bought the maternity dress of my dreams (the one I am wearing on the photographs) in secret after I got back from Colombia. I had a life changing experience there and encountered God in a new way. I also got to be prayed for by our Pastor Cesar Castellanos. Right after praying, he hugged me and congratulated me for my children to come as if it was a done deal! I wasn't pregnant yet. But something in my heart shifted. I knew my appointment with my consultant was approaching for a hysterectomy this year. And then COVID happened. The appointment got postponed (now cancelled) and within 2 months after that, we got pregnant with our baby girl.

When we first met, James and I didn't want to have anymore kids. We had Calum (from my previous marriage) and we were both content. But then, we grew more and more individually as well as a couple and also, as a family... and the desire to have another child started to take root in both of our hearts. We are so excited about meeting our precious girl... she really is a gift to our family and Calum is going to be THE BEST big brother ever! 

James really wanted to photograph our maternity session because this season in our lives is so very precious to us. We did the shoot as a family passing the camera to each other. Those photographs were taken by the 3 of us: James, Calum and I. It made the whole session even more special.

With love,

The Westbrooks x

Special thank you to my beautiful friend/artist/florist Amanda at Amanda Jane Flowers for making the gorgeous flower crown that I am wearing!