I always feel so honoured every time someone asks me to photograph them. To be completely honest, for a very long time, I kept on wondering why so many would want me to do that! I suppose because anything that is related to creativity comes from such a personal place, I never quite understood why people liked it so much... and if they really did, I used to be terrified of not being able to give them what they wanted. There's also such a sense of high responsibility that comes with photographing others. You want to do a good job. The best one that you can do at the time of shooting. 

A great sense of surprise & extra excitement came when Becky asked me to photograph her new album cover. She's such a great and beyond gifted artist that I have so much respect and love for. I really wanted to do my very very very best so that the photographs could do her music justice! It was an amazing shoot with a huge amount of fun and I'm totally not-so-secretly asking her to go on a new adventure to play photos with me! I hear Scotland calling... maybe Iceland? But, but, but... way too many photographers are going to Iceland at the moment!! I have never liked doing "the thing" people do just for the sake of it or because it's the trend. 

I have decided to share a few of my top favourite photographs from the set. I hope you enjoy them and cannot recommend you enough to get her insanely good album. It's been playing non stop in my home, in my car and my headphones when I'm out and about! Click on the link to check it out: Becky Green | Golden Rising. She decided to go for a golden look for her actual cover... which I absolutely love! But I'm going to share my favs in B&W so that I can keep the same consistency, feel and texture on this blog post. I might have played with a few of them too in the name of creativity! I decided to add a few "Behind The Scenes" shots too. I got to work with the very talented Jack Kircher who did the beautiful cinematic work. Our wonderful Charlotte just rocked by being there and helping us in ways that we just couldn't have done it without her! And, let's face it! Everyone loves a few BTS shots!