A few of you have messaged me on Instagram, Facebook, email and also send a few texts asking if I could share more details & shots from the mini sessions that so many of you seem to love and book at the moment! I have done many of these over the past few weeks and have been amazed at the response that this offer got. The £50 offer is a dream for those who don't want to have a full 1 hour session at the price of £300 which include the shoot, the drive to the chosen location and all the 100+ photographs given. 

I have decided to extend this amazing mini session offer. There are now an extra 5 slots free due the high demand. This is a mini session that can be booked anytime during 2019. They take place at the same location that can be seen below (see photographs). I have shared enough photos to give you a feel of what the sessions are like. I haven't shared all of them simply because there are way too many! The full address to this location is given upon booking. 

My mini sessions are a 15 minutes shoot. I always ask those who book a slot to allow 30 minutes for the whole time because even though I photograph for no longer than 15 minutes, we do walk a bit around, have fun and interact a lot! I don't do "posed" photography.  The atmosphere is always very relaxed. Clients receive their photographs a week after the session - or before - via their own online gallery from where they are able to download their 30 edited photographs in a high resolution format. 

When booking these mini sessions, I ask for the non-refundable £50 payment. It's a security for me that you're serious about your session and that you're not booking something that you don't actually give value to. In the past, I have had a few clients booking a slot without paying and in the end, not showing up! This is really frustrating for me as it's a waste of my time. It is so inconsiderate for the others I had to turn down. I have therefore decided to not secure a slot anymore without receiving payment. 

To book your slot, email me: flowestbrook@gmail.com. You can also message me on: Flora Westbrook Photography. You can also reach me there: Flo_Westbrook

I hope this answered your questions.