I met Kate about a year ago. I think it's safe for me to say that we are kindred spirits. I don't believe in coincidences at all and I know that us meeting wasn't an accident. She impacts the lives of all those she meets, leaving with them hope and life. Kate is authentic. Vulnerable. Real. Brave. Courageous. Loving. Kind. Gentle. Wild. Full of life. Godly. Generous. Sweet. Adorable. Gorgeous. All that with a heart full of grace. 

Her message is one of restoration... from bitter into sweet!

I will be photographing Kate again in a few months so you'll get to see her beautiful face again very soon!  She's got her own blog: In Kate's Shoes

-A little more about my "love yourself" sessions:

The first session is all about breaking the ice... getting to a place of learning to open up and making yourself comfortable with the idea of becoming completely vulnerable. I know it's easier to say than actually doing it but the beauty that comes out of it just breathtaking. It's a freeing experience. It's also an amazing time to connect with each other in depth. Small talk is not my thing!  

My "Love Yourself" sessions are all about real team work. I can't do it without you. You can't do it without me. I definitely can't do it without God! You will be challenged to let go of fear and removing your masks... because there would be no point to these sessions otherwise! We both come up to a place of trusting each other. It's a huge leap of faith! A real adventure! 

The second session has a completely different feel than the first one. It's deeper. And we're able to touch the roots of the insecurities and work through them together as you speak life over your body, mind, spirit, soul and heart. I'm humbled every time to see how God uses photography to help others see deeper than just the physical realm. 

Photography isn't a cure. It's a tool. A tool that will show you how beautiful you are in the most delicate way. A tool that will be a part of that process of getting closer to that place of truly loving yourself. 

With hope, 

Flo x


You are my oxygen
You're making me wanna live again
Sometimes my very best
Is only my weakest
You see strength in every movement

Baby steps and short breaths
Anything is progress
You sustain my every moment
-Steffany Gretzinger


From a very early age I felt like I didn't fit in at all.  I don't know why.  I did all I could to be what I 'thought' others wanted me to be which was exhausting.  I was so effected by what others said about me good and bad and eventually all I heard or expected was bad which then turned into self hate.  I don’t use the word hate lightly, I couldn’t stand myself and thought I was an utter waste of time.  I was trying to show everyone around me and myself that I had it all together, my fears and insecurities grew and I don't even know how I got through life at times.

Not surprisingly I was in a deep state of depression although I didn’t know it at the time, I just presumed it was me being ‘wrong’ or ‘broken’ it wasn’t until after I had my first child and the midwife mentioned that I probably had post natal depression that I slowly started to realise that I had been suffering with it for most of my life.  There was no relief in that for me just another reasons to hate myself more.

When I married my first husband I remember thinking that everything would magically get better and life would finally make sense, I would make some sort of sense.  Big mistake. I have learned that no one else can make you whole only God can do that. You also have to know and love yourself before you can truly love another.

Going through the break up and then divorce, although the most incredibly painful and heartbreaking experience, started a healing journey of really getting to know God and His love for me.  I always knew that God was there but I didn't understand His nature or how He felt about me.  I presumed He was constantly cross and disappointed with me as thats how I felt about myself.

I didn't think I would ever marry again but in 2010 I married my second husband and we have both been on a journey of discovery, learning how to do life together with God at the centre (not as easy as it sounds).  We started going to a church in 2012 called NKCC now known as Eastgate and it has been life changing.

I attended a school called European School of Supernatural Life (ESSL) run by Eastgate and Father God wooed me into His presence and showed me how loved, worthy, beautiful and precious I was and am to Him.  So much of the insecurity and fear started to leave and I have been walking into freedom like I have never known or even believed was possible.

I am still very much on that journey and I have my insecurities, frustrations and down days, but when I look back to the lonely, scared, hurt girl that I used to be I am not the same, I am forever changed by His unending love, grace and mercy.

It is the desire of my heart to see others coming to know this freedom.  Looking at the photos makes me feel vulnerable, but I believe as well as helping others it is also part of my ongoing journey.

Thank you for this opportunity Flo and thank you so much for making it so easy and such fun. Doing the shoot with you was so freeing in itself. I love your heart ❤