Meet Jimmy and Maja. 

I met Jimmy with I did a year with Youth With A Mission in Switzerland when I was 17. He was 14. We stayed in touch throughout the following years up until now. I had the privilege of photographing one of his music album covers in 2010. James and I had the honour of photographing his and Maja's gorgeous wedding too. We love them. They have become great friends of ours and we cherish the incredible brother & sister love that we share. 

It was so incredible to have them over with us this month. Their stay was a divine appointement. We got to take them to Brighton, Arundel & Petworth. I didn't take these photographs with the purpose of publishing them. In fact, I don't normally publish every set I photograph simply because I wouldn't have the time to (soooooo many!) and I'm definitely not willing to give up having a full night of sleep! #stayingsane

I wanted to blog these two because they are   r e a l   as individuals and also as a married couple. So many people pretend. But these guys are so genuine, open, transparent... they don't fake it. They walk it. I noticed the way they were with each other... so tender, loving with such a good sense of humour. They haven't had an easy ride. And yet, they have overcome together so many challenges. It was so special to witness. God knows how much we need "real" in nowadays. 

I hope you enjoy these photographs. 

Have a beautiful Friday and an amazing weekend!

Much love, 

Flo x