2021 has been the busiest year yet! I’ve learned and grown so much. I’m grateful for each and every lesson. Baby Willow's arrival changed our lives for the better in every possible way. To keep it real, I will say that I am still very much in the process of learning to adapt to this new rhythm of life. My daily life is made of being a full time mama to Calum & Willow, a full time photographer,  a Pastor and being so busy with everything else in between! So sadly, my presence on my social media accounts and website has been almost non existent when it comes to publishing my work. I will get back to publishing more as soon as I can! My priority remains my family as well as keeping my deadlines to my clients so they can receive their photographs after their session as soon as possible. 

I'd like to say THANK YOU to all of you for having had me as your photographer this past year. Being self-employed in this climat has definitely been a huge challenge. But you've made it possible for me to keep going and keep doing what I do. My heart is full gratitude to and for all of you!

I'd like to finish this year with a special blog. I am very delayed and have soooo many sessions to share on here! But I chose Josh and Danekah because I photographed them on their Wedding day last year. We met up again this year for their 1st Wedding Anniversary photoshoot on their Anniversary day and oh my days... I loved every moment of this magical session! 

I thought it'd be fun for them to share with you a little bit of their 1st year as a married couple... so here we go: 

What would say was the highlight of your first year as a married couple? We can't pin it down to one certain event. Every day is so much fun, we just love spending our time together.

What was the biggest challenge? Moving from Bristol was a big challenge although I absolutely love it here in Chichester now. I adore my in laws and have made so many new friends for life.
Plus, my bristol peeps visit all the time.

What does marriage mean to you both? Marriage is such a special bond of union and whatever trials are thrown at us, we face them all together as a team.

How did you celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary? We had a wonderful photoshoot with the best @flora_westbrook. We then had a lovely meal with our family followed by a big party with all our friends who couldn't make it to our little covid wedding.

What's is it that you want to achieve this coming year together? Any dreams? Goals? We would love to go on a honeymoon!! We have one booked for 2022 so lets hope we get there and covid is kind to us haha.

6) What did you enjoy the most about your 1st anniversary session with me?  Flora is soo lovely and she gives such a chilled vibe which puts you at ease instantly. She's just the best, the way the pictures come out always wow us. We couldn't recommend a photographer any more!!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful set. 

With love & hope, always!

Flo x