I am SO excited to introduce you all to this gorgeous couple, Josh & Danekah! I have been so looking forward to sharing with you a few of my favourite photographs from their very special Wedding Day! Please, make yourself a cup of whatever-you-love and enjoy getting to know them!


Flo x

How did you both meet?  We met at one of Joshs' gigs. He's such an amazing drummer and I thought he was super cute.

How did he propose?  He did the most amazing proposal on a beautiful beach in Wales up in the sand dunes. It was like something from Pinterest... I couldn't believe it!

How was it like planning a wedding and then getting married in COVID19 times? Planning a wedding in covid time was so awfully stressful as everything was so uncertain, with dates constantly changing because the rules were changing. But when we finally secured a date it was great fun planning our micro covid wedding, and super stress free!  We loved how small and intimate our wedding was and all of our guests said they had such a great day.

What advice would you give to other couples right now?  lot of couples might think that having a covid wedding wouldn't be as good as a normal one, however, I loved the whole planning, the lead up and the day. I think it's such a stressful time planning a wedding for hundreds of people so I'd definitely reccomend having a small intimate one. No bridezilla times! Just great fun with your closest friends and family. Also, I recommend having Flora as photographer. She's awesome!!

Who did your beautiful flowers? My florist was "Three Wild Flowers". She was just so lovely and did an amazing job considering my plans were all over the place and I didn't have a solid date to work towards. She's a very talented lady who brought my dream bouquet to life.

How did you find your beautiful boho wedding dress?  Finding my boho dress was a real challenge as there aren't many out there amongst the shiny satin and sequin puffy mesh.  I found a few that I loved but were way out of my budget, ranging from £2000 - £3000!!  In the end I found my dream dress second hand... on depop! I was so pleased as it was just the style I had been looking for.  After a few alterations it fit like a glove and I'm so happy I got the dress I loved... for a tiny fraction of the price! (£80 to be exact!)

What made you choose the Architectural Plants as a location for your photographs?  I chose the Architectural Plants as our photo location because with the English weather, nothing is predictable.  We had to find somewhere that would be undercover but equally as enchanting and beautiful.  We found that this place was just what we had in mind and the staff were so welcoming and friendly. We really enjoyed our day there and are so glad that we chose this as our location because the pictures came out brilliant!

What did you enjoy the most about the shoot?  We enjoyed the friendly vibe that Flora gave. Everything felt so natural and easy. Although it was a little cold, we still loved our shoot and look back at the pictures in amazement every time. Thanks so much 💕