It was such a privilege to be asked to photograph Josh & Charlotte's beautiful wedding day! I have known Charlotte for quite a few years now and have loved/cherished the sweet friendship that we have together. I couldn't say no when she asked me to photograph her wedding! 

I got to do an Engagement Session for them before hand which was very precious. I have added a few photographs from that session below too. 

I hope you enjoy this beautiful set and that you will be able to feel, hear and see glimpses of their story and love for each other. I haven't shared the whole set - simply because there are far too many photographs (way over 1000)! I always tend to share enough to give you a feel of what their day was like! 

With love, 

Flora x

Wedding Dress: Paloma Blanca from | Wedding Flowers: | Wedding Location: READ their blog on the venue's website: | Getting ready location: | Floral arrangements: All beautifully done by the Groom's incredibly mum | Cake: | Hair: By the Bride herself | Makeup: By the photographer ( I studied makeup for a while back in that day! ) | Stationary: Ethan Brazell | Band: The Vinyls