"Togetherness" sessions are very close to my heart. I so believe in the power of photographing couples that have been together for years. Because it is a powerful experience and a precious reminder of the things that we so quickly forget. We get consumed with the oh-so-very-busy schedule of our daily lives! People are important, individually and together. Marriage is to be invested into, cherished and looked after. 

“Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.”

Photographing couples who have stuck together through the highs and through the lows is the most magical experience. Because life is made of all different seasons - some easier than others - and saying the opposite would a lie. Marriage is beautiful and challenging in the most selfless way. 

That's why my heart rejoices when couples come with me on a beautiful location and let me photograph them as they connect with each other without any distraction at all. Children are important - but for this session, it's crucial for couples to be alone being themselves with each other without talks of how will we pay for this, who will take the kids to their clubs, all things about work, worries about life and everything in between. None of that.

Just connecting. 

Some even pray together which is a very humbling time to photograph. Others tell jokes and have fun. A few say - sometimes even whisper - things to each other that sings love to the heart. Remembering the beginning. Cherishing the journey with its chaos. And with hearts filled with gratitude, saying thank you to each other for being there. For not having given up. Others do all of the above. Each session is unique juste like every couple is. Each has their own story, past, present and journey. Everything about the session is an expression of their love for one another in their own romantic - or not so romantic but loving all the same - way! Or even at times, the session is just a way to learn to re-connect all over again and finding that spark that they have missed for so long.

The photographs below aren't brand new. But it felt right to breathe life into this set all over again, giving it a fresh look and sharing it with you today. 

If you are thinking of booking your couple's session with me, don't over think it too much and just do it! I promise, you will not regret it. It's a priceless experience!

With love, always.


Flower Crown by my favourite florist & artist of all time Amanda Jane Flowers.