I am a woman.

I live in the mysterious light of my Maker
my arms extended to express my gratitude

I do not rely on the potency of the flesh
that weakens me with every pore

for the power that lives within me
so vivid and immense remains

the most beautiful relationship of all

leads me to feel

I live surrendered to Him
the One who loves me
with pure love

I can do nothing else
but remain still

overwhelmed by
the truth
I hear

and see the lies
I believed
for so long
too long
crumble right before my eyes 

He speaks words that bring healing
a carriage of faith
a rainbow of promise
I am undone

You can see the fire
burning in my eyes

passion and determination

it is not the strength
of a powered muscle

but His hand that is feeding my soul

I see beyond the veil as He leads me

walking with grace in my heart
as a virtue
my treasure

in the secret place
of His presence

I meet freedom
for in His love
fear cannot remain