I have the privilege of introducing you all to a very talented baker! Photographing her was so wonderful as I got to witness her working with so much love as she created the yummiest treats!  She baked my son's birthday cake and I can honestly say that it was THE best chocolate cake I have ever had! If you're a cake lover, you will enjoy this blog! 

You can find Harriet on here: Harriet's Bakes & also, on here: Harriet's Bakes Instagram. You can contact her directly on those social platforms to order your cake!


Flo x

I’m Harriet, and in May of this year I started my own business - Harriet’s Bakes!

I’m 29 and became a mum for the first time last year. I decided to start my own business for a number of reasons: 

1) I flipping love cake. Eating it and baking it. 2) After having my daughter, it was time to start spending time on me and doing the things I love. Lots of friends and family had previously told me I should start selling my cakes, so I just went for it! 3) As anyone with little children knows, money is tight! So anything I could do to help bring in money for our family, I would!

I started baking whilst at Uni, probably instead of writing essays! The Great British Bake Off started in my first year of Uni, so I was hooked! I already had a passion for baking and cooking, as I can remember it being quite a prominent thing in our house as I was growing up. My dad loved to cook with pastry - our favourite was to bake an apple pie together. Sometimes we even baked chocolate buttons in them!!!! My Granny was also a great baker and would always bring a crumble or some form of pudding for our Sunday lunches!

I enjoy yummy food, but I enjoy seeing people’s enjoyment in eating the things I bake!