Painting has always been apart of me and is my way to freedom.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always had this streak of creativity such as loving finding new ways to design things, always rearranging furniture as well as becoming the artist God wanted me to be.

God has taught me so much how to paint with my heart and my soul. And how to express the feelings I have that can be difficult to express.

Pablo Picasso. “Every child is an artist..."

Looking back over my life from the moment I was born into this world, I have had my own challenges to work through. From losing my mum and one of my sister when I was just 5 was very difficult, hard and my heart has never been the same. I have always felt something missing; it was deep and very painful. My life felt as if it would never be the same again since that time.

Thomas Merton. “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

I found painting canvases or creating artwork as a way to sooth my hurting emotions. I find myself in a safe place every time I paint. I feel at peace and content with every stroke I put on my blank canvas. There are times I don’t even know what I will paint, which is the beauty of it. I have many art pieces that I have created and each one has a story behind it, that no one will know but me.

One time I put one of my art pieces into a silent auction for a charity for a good course. I asked for it to start a bid at a certain price but was so overwhelmed when I heard it sold for so much more that there were people who fell in love with it so much they would put more money towards it; it really blew me away! I felt like a little girl again being praised for good work, but in my heart of hearts I knew it was God. He is bigger then we can imagine. He has our lives already planned out and is simply waiting for you to ask him into your life so he can show you his plan for you. It's an adventure... it's thrilling and along the way you will do things you never knew you could do.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

Recently I had a God encounter moment. I was sitting in my sitting room, reading a book by Joyce Meyer and wow! It was so inspiring how we should live our lives to the fullest in every single moment, to love and enjoy all the seasons we have in our lives whether it is a good, sad or challenging one. That we should embrace every moment in every single day loving the life God created for you.

"A painting is never finished - it simply stops in interesting places." Paul Gardner"

It made me cry. It was so touching and moved my heart so much I invited God into every area of my life including they very thing that is so sacred to me.

We all have areas in our lives where we don’t invite God into. Sometimes, we know which areas. Other times, we don’t even realise. But when we start speaking to God and reaching out to him asking him to breath into every corner of our lives, healing takes place. Something so precious happens when we allow God to come and touch the areas of our hearts that we have never faced before. God wants us to be free... what is best for us... He has only good plans for our lives.

If you think of a paint brush, it has a strong wooden handle and at the end, it has soft bristles where it allows you to run your emotions through every stoke you place on your blank canvas. They can be sharp, bold and even strong strokes. They can also be soft delicate strokes as well as short happy ones depending on what emotions you can feel as you place your brush on the canvas.

I live my life on a canvas...


A little note about the shoot itself: 

My "Love yourself" photo shoot was just something else. I was so looking forward to Flo taking my photos and was so excited to see how they would all come out. Flo is so talented and this photoshoot was so incredible; I have never done anything like it before. Flo makes you feel so relaxed and peaceful while she takes the shots; I loved how creative she is. We went somewhere really beautiful, the weather was perfect and the place was perfect. Flo is an incredible photographer she is so gifted in how she takes her photos and really makes them come alive and capture the precious moments in detail.