This 2nd shoot was so truly amazing so different than the first one. I felt so much more relaxed and so much more peaceful too.

Life can really throw some fire balls at you especially when you least expect it. I can say that I have had massive ones thrown at me. God has been teaching me everyday - little by little - how to get through them and not let them get to me. He has revealed so much to me this past year. Whilst doing that, my hero/my Daddy was taken early 2018. It hasn't been easy and still isn't. I miss him so much. But I remember how amazing my Daddy was. I often go to the places we once walked and spent quality time together. Those moment were small and few but I can now see how incredibly precious they were. It's made me realise the importance of cherishing every single day. God is teaching me to look after myself and to love myself completely.

This photoshoot was one that I never had before. It was so comfortable and it was so natural to be with Flo as she brings out the beauty through the shoot.  She also helps you heal within yourself as you get to deal with the roots and those deep stuff you have hidden in you. Things that you didn't even know you had. I am feeling so different than I did before having these photo sessions. I am feeling more peaceful and more accepted. 

Flo has this most amazing way of helping people who struggle with their lives by taking photos which just are so unique because they tell a story. I cannot wait to see my last shoot with her to see how far I have come.

This particular shoot was done in a very meaningful place... a place where I feel safe, and have fond memories that I will cherish forevermore. x