A little note from Ruth: 

Such a magical evening chasing the sunset with Flo. My daughter, Hannah, and I loved every minute of it. Time goes so quickly, especially when you have three big brothers spurring you on, so it’s precious to celebrate our treasured little girl in this season. She may not always want to twirl around with Mummy in a sun soaked field although I’m hoping she does! 

Thank you Flo for the beautiful memories, both from the evening itself and captured in your stunning photographs.

Mother/daughter sessions are breathtaking. 

Truth to be told, sunset shoots can be so challenging to nail. Why? Simply because even with dates booked in the diary, the session might get postponed at the very last minute if our unpredictable English weather changes its mind and decides for the sun not to turn up on that evening! Yes, those sessions can be a little frustrating to plan BUT they are SO worth it, magical and I promise, you will not regret having persevered!

Ruth and Hannah first came on an evening that was looking really promising but it the end the sun decided it wasn't going to happen... we still took some photographs and had a mini session. I have included a few B&W photographs (because I LOVE B&W photos) from that first evening! The rest is from the second session when the sun came out in all its splendour!

I was really moved during the session, totally moved whilst editing the whole set and still moved looking at them! 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

Flo x