I feel that after having used this incredible Exfoliating French Rose Soap Bar for over a week now, I am able to review it honestly. 

I have always stayed away from soap bars in particular when it comes to my face! Every time I tried one out, it would leave my skin feeling very tight with a very unpleasant not clean feel to it. But this one - oh yes - has been, to my surprise, completely different. The French Rose smells absolutely gorgeous and leaves my skin - not only gently exfoliated - but also soft and fresh! I am genuinely surprised by this beauty and it will remain in my face cleansing routine from now on! 

I had to deal with some hardcore hormonal issues ( severe Endometriosis, PCOS ) which caused my skin to be very oily adding on top the usual nasty hormonal acne!  This is a soap bar that has been helping me so much with those annoying things since starting using it last week! Honestly, I can already see an improvement!  Obviously, this French Rose soap bar isn't just for the face... you can use it anywhere on your body too. 

I am so impressed with it that I have decided to come back on here in 3 weeks time and add a new review with 4 weeks of use. 

Until then, here is the link to the beautiful soap bar if you wish to get one for yourself - it's super affordable and it lasts for ages: 


Let me know if you get one and how you get on with it! 

Enjoy & you're welcome! 

Flora x