“There are two kinds of pain: the pain of change and the pain of never changing and remaining the same.”

I have been very stretched and have had many growing pains since entering the food photography world. It is indeed something I never thought I'd ever get into. Because I love people, the contact, the jokes, the interactions and the moments I get to photograph when I'm on shoots with them. Even though I do appreciate my alone nurture times, I am definitely more of a people person. 

Food photography is something that I always loved looking at in beautiful recipe books & magazines but I can honestly say that I never considered it to be a potential new adventure... until The Door Step Larder knocked on my door and kicked me out of my comfort zone - literally!

I do hope you check them out and if you live in the West Sussex area, give yourself the gift of ordering your goodies/veggie box from them. They deliver  it right to your door - treating you like a King/Queen! What else could we possibly want - especially right now?! 

I do hope you enjoy this little blog post. Sharing these first photographs are quite vulnerable but I thought it would be good to embrace the whole experience - it has been quite an adventure!

With love & hope, 

Flora x