If your heart beats for flowers, beauty and atmosphere, this post is for you. I have been meaning to publish my favourite photographs from this set for a very long time now! But I had been so taken by heavy deadlines and other major life priorities that when it came to it, I never found enough time to work on it again. I am so glad to have had a little bit of time over the holidays to finish blitzing it all over again and I am so happy to say that the wait is finally over! Hurrah!

The beautiful flowers are creatively made by one of my top favourite florist artist of all time: Amanda Jane Flowers. The beautiful model is Rachel Wintermeyer. And last but not least, the location is: Garden to Garland. A magical place of rest and peace!

Before you go through this post, make sure you make yourself a lovely cup of tea or coffee, find a quiet place where there is no distraction and let yourself be taken into a new world full of delight! 

I hope you enjoy!

Love xo