This set was photographed on the 1st Jan 2019. A wonderful way to begin this new year!

To say that I loved it is an understatement. These guys are close friends of ours. These were shot on a Nikon F2 & 35mm film by my talented husband James. I was shooting with my Nikon DF. All the photographs with the black film frame around them were shot on film, colour graded by me and the awesome processing and scanning was done beautifully well by SilverPan Film Lab. All the other photographs were taken with my Nikon DF (digital). There is something about film that just cannot be replaced. The colour grading is SO much easier too... because the depth of the colour as well as the grain being naturally there! I am forever in love with it! Also, I LOVE when James shoots with me. He's just incredibly talented. I admire him so so much. 

I hope you enjoy this set. This family is priceless and so beautiful in every possible way. 


Flo x