May you never
The miles
You have traveled
Just to
Make it here.
• Morgan Harper Nichols

"Why booking a couple session? What's the point? I don't feel comfortable being in front of a camera - never mind being photographed "connecting" with my partner! I don't like myself on photographs anyways and find the whole thing daunting and awkward! I prefer family sessions! I prefer not being on photographs at all!"

Here are some of things that I have heard many couples tell me over the years. All of the above is valid. You're right... what is the point? 

Here it is.

You are important. Your journey is meaningful. Your marriage matters. This is not a session like the others I do. It's a session that gives you the opportunity to stop in order to focus on yourself and the person that you have been walking life with. All that without distractions. We often hide behind our roles - the ones that life has given to us in many different stages of our journey. Being a mum, dad, business man/woman, cook, cleaner, artist, gardener, manager, nurse, sales-assistant and the list goes on and on and on and on! We all know that life is busy and if your life is similar to mine, it feels like every year gets busier. We often sacrifice our marriage, we postpone dating our love and put other people, work, things before ourselves. We often give the "left-over" attention and energy to the one who matters the most. 

Also, we forget so quickly and too easily. 

Photography has a way to remind us of those things that somehow we just seem to forget over time. I remember photographing a couple a few years ago and after delivering the gallery to them, the husband emailed me back saying: "I almost forgot how beautiful my wife is. Thank you for making me stop and remember who is truly important."

The truth is that you do not need to be in a challenging place with your beloved to book a couple's session. Whether you are blooming in your marriage or whether things have been harder than they used to be, it's ALWAYS a good idea to stop, remember and keep the moments via photography. I've always seen photographs as witnesses to a moments in time that stay there for as long as kept.

Give yourself that gift. Book your session. You will not be disappointed and I promise you, you will be so happy you did!

Enjoy this set. It is one of my most loved couple's session.

Flora x