Meet Dave & Harriet. 

You probably have seen them before on my social media accounts because we go way back to when I had the honour of doing their engagement photoshoot. Soon after that, I photographed their beautiful wedding. They were back in front of my camera for their first year anniversary shoot... and again this time which was even more special because of Isabella Grace! I have absolutely loved photographing these guys over the past few years and cannot wait to capture them again! They really make a gorgeous family. 

Enjoy this very joyful and "autumny" set! 

Flo x

From Harriet: 

Our second year of marriage has really come into a new meaning! We decided to have a baby!

Once we’d reached the first year of marriage milestone we started trying and it didn’t take too long to get pregnant. 

A team. 

That is what we have become. In our first year of marriage we were learning about living with each other, how to be with each other, what each other needed, becoming closer friends. This year we have become a strong team. Looking back on life before Isabella, it seems quite selfish. Not in a negative way, but simply the fact that there is only the two of you to think of. You go where (and when) you want, you eat what you want, you do what you want. Now Isabella is here, our primary thoughts and focus are on her. So you have to work as a team. Whether it’s Dave getting me food and drinks whilst breastfeeding our daughter 24/7 in the early days, to me ‘solo-parenting’ for a few hours to allow Dave to have some hobby time, you move from selfish to selfless

I read somewhere that if you put your husband/wife at the forefront of your thinking and doing, putting them first in all your choices, feelings and actions, your hearts changes and in doing so your relationship blossoms because that person feels loved and they reciprocates. As husband and wife we don’t have as much quality time with each other as we previously did, but it just means now that Date Nights have become more crucial and special. And when we don’t have husband and wife quality time, but we have family quality time - there’s nothing better in the whole world!

From Dave: 

Our second year of marriage was quite a bit different from the first, mostly because Harriet was pregnant for nine months of it!

We've both always been very clear that we wanted children and to have our own family, and so after our first year of marriage we decided to start trying to expand our clan.

I've got to say that Harriet was absolutely incredible during the entire pregnancy - she took everything in her stride, and handled the various bouts of feeling sick and discomfort etc like an absolute champ!

During the pregnancy a lot of our time was spent reading up, researching, planning and buying a lot of "baby stuff" - but we were also very conscious of trying to make the most of our remaining time, and freedom, of pre-child life and marriage.

We made sure to do a few little mini holidays, go out for date nights and generally try and fit in as much of the stuff we knew we wouldn't be able to do - at least initially - once we had a baby.

Fast forward nine months and our beautiful, incredible, daughter Isabella made her much-anticipated appearance.

Again, I need to heap praise on my incredible wife here, who handled the labour and birth like an absolute boss! None of it ended up working out like the 'norm' we'd been told to expect for a first time birth, but Harriet still absolutely smashed it. So proud!

Since then our lives have obviously completely changed, and our marriage has shifted focus from being solely about the two of us to now needing, and wanting, to put Bella's needs and requirements at the forefront.

Having said that, we still make a very intentional effort to invest in our marriage itself - doing things like booking out one night each week as date night, and taking it in turns to plan what we do for that.

So far with our marriage in it's third year it feels like we've already learned a lot, and our marriage has changed quite a lot - growing stronger through it all.

As Bella grows up, and we hopefully continue to grow our family, I can't wait to see what fresh challenges, experiences and lessons we learn - and to continue loving my wife and loving our marriage!