I rarely accept destination weddings for various reasons. But Cindy and Loïc was that couple I just couldn’t say no to! 

Their wedding was incredible! Intimate, rich in emotions and very, very meaningful. My husband James photographed the day alongside me and we are so so glad we said yes! It’s a wedding we won’t forget! 

Once we arrived in Geneva, we travelled an hour by train to get to another town located not too far from Lausanne. The next day, we were up super early and were taken to St Peters Island. It was on that stunning Island that the wedding took place. Absolutely breathtaking. I’m seriously looking at going back there for a long weekend break in the near future! It’s incredibly peaceful! 

The flowers were all so beautifully arranged by La Gabardine. Her dress was made by a French designer: Laure de Sagazan.

Put the kettle on... and enjoy! 

With love xo