I recently had the privilege of photographing ArtisAnne's amazing bagels. Not only they look incredible, they taste even better! Pure heaven! Anne has just began her bagels bakery business and if you know me, you know that I am a HUGE believer in supporting small local businesses. If you live in the Sussex/West Sussex area, please give yourself the gift of ordering yours! I promise, you will be delighted and will go back for more! Her menu is so varied from plain to savoury to sweet - and she keeps adding new delights to her menu! Check her awesome bakery out! 

I hope you enjoy these photographs. It was an absolute joy to photograph them and already look forward to next time! 

With love, 


Her double chocolate bagels are so very well balanced with the beauty organic cocoa powder she used to make them with. They are not too sweet. Just perfect.

I decided to put some butter with a sugar-free cherry compote on mine... and honestly, it was like being taken to a black forest bagel heaven! If you are a chocolate lover, you could totally spread Nutella on top! Or whatever else you fancy!

Her cheese bagel selection is just amazing! Those are the blue cheese... I'm finding it hard to find the words to explain how delicious they were! Crunchy on the outside and so fluffy on this inside! What else could you possibly want?! 

To be enjoyed with whatever you like! I loved mine just with butter. 

Her cinnamon and raisins bagels are to be enjoyed anytime of the day! You can have them for breakfast, for lunch or even for an afternoon treat! I had to have mine with a chocolate spread! Naughty but oh my so good!