I got to photograph this beautiful family again the second week of December and it was such a special time! They are very special people, close to my heart and her pregnancy made the session even more special! 

Hope you enjoy this set as much as I loved photographing them! 


Flo x

The Chosen One

I have a vision of you, 
impatiently waiting,
and suddenly realising,
the time had come for you you to jump into this world.

You looking at God,
both gazing at each other,
knowing it was time,
to say goodbye to one another.

As you worked your magic in my womb,
still looking back at your creator,
you feel doubt for just one second,
His voice says: ‘You, the chosen one, you of fertile land. Go and conquer, go and show them life on Earth is about returning where I am’.

And that’s the message you keep sharing,
the message I keep hearing as you grow bigger in my womb:
That life as humans know it,
never comes to an empty end,
for death is the way and the magic door that opens,
to the life we all once left.

Jimena Larraguivel